If you’re a health nut, you’re probably aware of FitBit and Nike’s FuelBand. These wearable devices track all types of data about you, including how many steps you’ve taken throughout the day. The missing part is how to view all of this data in a fun and useful way.

That’s where a new service called Notch.me steps in. The company is founded by Eli Holder, who sold his first company Unblab to AOL in 2010. Since leaving AOL, Holder has been working on Notch full-time.

To make all of your health data “sexier”, Notch is creating awesome looking infographics like this once you hook your FitBit up to it:

Holder says that the service will work for all types of sources of data in the future, including FuelBand.

By creating Notch, Holder believes that the more interesting your data is to you, especially visually, the more impact it will make on you as you go about your day.

Once you’ve created your personalized infographic you can share it on Facebook or Twitter to show off how much ass you’ve been kicking.

Check out Notch and post links to your healthy infographics in the comments!