If you pay any attention to technology and all and are trying to keep up on the latest trends, it’s likely that you check out Hacker News once in a while. It’s a service provided by Y Combinator and lets people submit news and vote on what’s interesting.

Yeah, it’s kind of like Digg, but geekier.

Currently, there are a few ways to get your Hacker News fix. You can visit the website, or try one of its many unofficial apps. A new app for iOS called Hacker News ★ is one of the better HN apps I’ve seen, and if you’re a fan of Instapaper, you’re going to love it.

For a mere $.99 you’ll be able to read all of the hot Hacker News as well as see all of the items being submitted in real-time. The design is very simple and is very easy on the eyes, which you’ll understand if you read a lot of news on your iPhone like I do:

Here’s a full rundown of all of its features, which includes the ability to read articles offline:

– Quickly preview submission
– Offline Caching
– Unclutter Articles via Clear Read API (similar to Readability)
– Post to Twitter
– Email Article
– Post to Facebook
– Send Articles to Instapaper
– Gorgeous reading experience in portrait & landscape orientation
– Font resizing
– Very light mobile data footprint (i.e. Fast)
– Optimized comment view in landscape
– Dictionary

If you’re looking for a new way to get your Hacker News reading on, then Hacker News ★ is definitely for you. The $.99 price tag is definitely worth it, and it will be interesting to see if any other features, like the ability to submit stories, are added in the future.

Hacker News ★ for iOS