The humble emoticon has long played a part in helping humans express emotions online – from little smileys to thumbs-up, there’s a wealth of little icons at our disposal to convey how we’re feeling in the digital sphere.

With that in mind, Skype has launched a new Facebook app it hopes will put a “more human” spin on its emoticons. What’s this latest initiative called? Humoticons, of course.

The humoticons constitute part of Skype’s It’s Time for Skype marketing campaign which it’s seeking to use to “put humanity back into how we communicate with others each and every day”.


The app allows you to mimic classic emoticons by capturing images of the user’s own facial expressions, and you can either snap your picture there and then using a webcam, or upload one from your machine. You can then post it in Skype’s Humoticon gallery or share it directly to you Facebook wall.

Oh, and you can also create an animated Humoticon by snapping as many as five photos to really show how you’re feeling inside, and you can download your Humoticon or copy its URL to share in a message.