Uber-popular drawing game Draw Something has released an update just a few weeks after its creator OMGPOP was acquired by Zynga for $210M. The update brings three new features that should be nice for regular players, including comments, the ability to save your drawing to your photo library and direct sharing of your drawings to Facebook and Twitter.

The updated app now also allows you to undo a single line at a time, but only the last one you’ve drawn. It also adds ‘pull-to-refresh’ to the main view, allowing you to snag an updated list of your games. The streak cap has also been raised to 999 from 99.

I’m not a huge Draw Something fan myself, but my wife plays it a lot. I know for sure she’ll be happy about the single-line undo, and the swipe-to-delete for single games. Many players were already taking screenshots of their drawings and sharing them to Facebook and Twitter so adding a saving and sharing feature was a no-brainer as well.

Both the Android and iOS versions have been updated.