We told you about SocialFolders back when it had just launched its private beta, the site which makes it easy to back up content from various online accounts to your computer. The site has since launched to the public, and now offers free and paid accounts.

SocialFolders sets itself apart from other similar services by not only automatically backing up your online accounts, but its two-way sync feature also makes it possible to upload new content to those accounts simply by dragging the files into your local computer folders.

Up until now, SocialFolders’ supported services included Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Google Documents, Box.net, Photobucket, Picasa, SmugMug, and YouTube. The free service has just added a significant service to its arsenal – Evernote.

With the latest change, you can now sync your Evernote folders with your SocialFolders account, which means that its also easy to transfer content right from any of your connected accounts, such as Google Documents, Facebook, Flickr or Instagram, straight to Twitter.

Services like SocialFolders give users a little peace of mind when using cloud-based sites, by automatically backing up your content to your computer. While Evernote’s standalone desktop app already brings that feature to its users, the new partnership makes it incredibly easy to transfer content from one online account to another – right from your local folders.

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