We recently introduced you to MyPermissions, a nifty site that makes it easy to adjust your application permissions within minutes. Inspired by the site, Israel-based Ben Lang and US-based Tim Kendall have come up with a similar web app – this time for your email notifications – Notification Control.

How often do you find yourself receiving notification emails you don’t want, but can’t be bothered to go through the elaborate process of figuring out where to go to disable them? With Notification Control, the process will barely take you a couple of minutes.

Like MyPermissions, Notification Control doesn’t require access to any of your online accounts, Instead, it acts as an online bookmark which will take you straight to your notification settings, provided you’re logged in to your accounts.

Notification Control currently supports 12 services including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr. The full list can be seen in the screenshot below, and you can recommend more sites by getting in touch.

Notification Control is a simple site, which takes all of the hard work out of trying to figure out where to go to disable email notifications, so if you want to add cleaning up your email notifications to your New Year’s resolutions, it couldn’t be easier to do now.

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