is a simple but powerful app that makes your computer’s clipboard function far more useful. Now it’s added Skype functionality, allowing you to initiate phone calls from Web pages, documents, spreadsheets or anywhere else with a click. is available for Windows and Mac and is easy to use. Just highlight some text, press Control+C (or Command+C on a Mac) to bring up a menu. From here, it’s simple to send what you’ve highlighted to a wide range of desktop and Web apps. From your email app and office suite to Gmail, Facebook, Wikipedia, Evernote and many more, it takes out the additional steps of having to open the destination app yourself and navigate to where you want to paste.

Now, with Skype thrown into the mix, you can highlight a phone number, select Skype from the menu and jump straight into a call. While Skype’s own Click To Call plugin does something similar for browsers, the solution works anywhere on your computer. was developed by German startup Axonic and is a free download.