“Tumblr without the blogging,” that’s what we described Scoop.it  as when we first covered it back in December last year. Today the service is coming out of private beta and opening to all for the first time.

The idea behind Scoop.it is that users curate topic-specific pages for subjects they’re interested in. It’s easy to add content from around the Web directly into these pages Others can then subscribe to follow pages they’re interested in.

During its year in private beta, the startup says it has built up to 2 million visits per month, growing at 35% per month. The service will have a paid-for premium option, allowing branded topics, integration with existing websites on custom domains, analytics and other features optimized for businesses.

The Paris and San Francisco-based startup clearly sees its premium option as a valuable service for businesses, as it’s priced at $79 per month after a 15-day trial.

You can try out Scoop.it at , strangely enough, scoop.it.