Ask USA TODAY, newspapers aren’t dying, they’re just moving to Flipboard

Ask USA TODAY, newspapers aren’t dying, they’re just moving to Flipboard

Flipboard has announced USA TODAY is the first nationwide newspaper on its iPad app.

Last month when Flipboard CEO Mike McCue stated, The web will feel a lot different in 5 years. It will feel a lot like print,” perhaps in part he was speaking of adding print publishers, such as USA TODAY, to Flipboard’s already stellar lineup of partners.  Partners who, when combined with other content available on the Flipboard, have propelled the company to 550 million views per month, with over 3.5 million downloads of the iPad-only app.

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Adding USA TODAY, one of, if not the most, widely read newspapers in the United States, with its unique color-coded sections, easy-to-read stories and navigation, would seem the perfect fit for Flipboard, both innovators in usability for content consumption.

The Flipboard version of USA TODAY “contains customized layouts and a unique story mix drawing from the entire paper, including up-to-the-minute items from its iconic News, Sports, Money, and Life sections.”

USA TODAY is a splendid source of engaging, national news, which any user of Flipboard will want to add as one of their feeds.

See, newspapers aren’t dying, they’re just moving to Flipboard.

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