We’ve already introduced you to the Google+ Photo Importer which makes it easy to transfer hundreds of photos in no time from your photo sharing sites right into Google+ using nothing more than your iPhone.

Dropico, the company behind Google+ Photo Importer, has just released a similar iPhone app, which makes it easy to get photos transferred from Flickr, Picasa, Instagram and Photobucket into your Facebook account.

If you’ve used the Google+ version of the app, you’ll find that Facebook Photo Importer works in exactly the same way. After connecting the app to your Facebook account, you will then be able to connect to any one of the four photo sharing services that are supported.

If you’ve already used the Google+ version of the app on your iPhone, you won’t have to authorize these accounts again. You can then select the service, and select certain photos within each album, or an entire album, to transfer to Facebook.

Once you have your photos selected, you can then choose to create a new album on Facebook or transfer the photos to an existing album.

There is one drawback to using the app. While the photos are transferred with minimal effort on your part, and the speed is just as impressive as with the Google+ counterpart, the way in which the photos are displayed on your profile could be an issue for some.

Rather than display just one post on your profile with the new photos that have been added, Facebook Photo Importer creates multiple posts on your wall displaying either one or multiple new photos that have been added to the album. If you’re importing 100 photos – this is going to translate into a huge list of posts on your profile which you will have to manually delete one by one.

When transferring photos to your Facebook account, you will also be given the choice of whether or not to display a post on your wall linking to the application.

That said, Facebook Photo Importer will still come in handy if you want an easy way to cross post images from your photo sharing services to your Facebook account, while using minimal bandwidth as the transfers are all cloud-based.

Facebook Photo Importer is available for $1.99 in the iTunes store.