Tumblrbox is a dead-simple solution for displaying your Tumblr photos in a lightbox

Tumblrbox is a dead-simple solution for displaying your Tumblr photos in a lightbox

I have to admit my fascination with Tumblr. Though I don’t post things onto my own very often, I love getting lost in a Tumblr spiral for hours. I read stories, I click links and I view pictures
but viewing pictures of Tumblr sucks. If you want to see the full size of an image, you’ll do that in a new tab. For many images, it’s completely unnecessary, and they’re just begging for a lightbox.

But integrating a lightbox to your Tumblr is a pain in the tail. Even though you can easily customize your Tumblog, the solutions for adding a lightbox are far from elegant. That is, until Tumblrbox.

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Tumblrbox is a small chunk of Javascript code that you paste into your “Description” section of your Tumblr. Next, you hit save. After that? Well, nothing. It just works.

I have to admit that I had a small problem with the specific Tumblr theme that I was using, but a quick email to the team saw the issue fixed in a matter of minutes after they got wind of the problem. Now, my Tumblr is rocking some beautiful photography displayed in a lovely way.

Want to join me? Head over, copy the code and get it pasted into your Tumblr options. It really is dead-simple, it does what it says and it looks great. It’s a project by the same team that brought us Picuous, so you can rest assured that these guys know photos and they know how to make them work better.

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