We have editors and writers scattered – ok carefully chosen – across the globe. From New York to The Philippines, to London to Egypt, and keeping track of the time to arrange meetings and appointments is a pain in the backside. Despite being a common pain in the derriere, I’ve yet to find a tool that makes it super simple to check the time across various locations.

For the record I’ve tried: Time Zone Converter, Time and Date, Time.is, Easy Clock Chrome App and EveryTimeZone, all very good in their own right but none quite as simple as World Time Buddy. Its deceivingly simple UI is both well thought out and very intuitive.

What’s even cooler is the help it offers for scheduling meetings. If you select a particular time, you can quickly share it with people involved (and their respective time zones) just by sharing one URL, like so.

The down sides?

It isn’t the prettiest looking app, let’s call it Google-esque. And secondly it relies on cookies to remember what locations you’ve set, no accounts just yet, so you won’t be able to quickly restore the same locations on any computer.