Wednesday at Google I/O, Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka revealed that Angry Birds is coming to the web. This is an event that he says would not have been possible a year ago but now, with the improvement in graphics technologies in Google’s Chrome OS, they can run it at 60 fps. Update. Angry Birds is now live on the Chrome Web Store.

The new version of Angry Birds supports Canvas as well as WebGL. The entire game is also available to play offline using Google Chrome cache. Vesterbacka says that this will ‘make flights more bearable’ without an internet connection.

The version of Angry Birds available on the web will also have a special treat, exclusive levels available only in Chrome.

This new version of Angry Birds will also support the new in-app payments system that Google has announced for Chrome. You will be able to purchase the Mighty Eagle upgrade directly in-game as soon as the new payments system goes live. The new version of Angry Birds will be available for Chrome users immediately after the keynote.

Update. It is now live on the Chrome web store.