Resunate is a web app that helps job seekers create resumes that attract the attention of recruiters.

Creating a perfect resume that highlights all your qualifications is no easy task. There is a very good chance that all us of have gone through that ordeal at least once in our career. The resume templates available at Resunate were created by decision makers – employers and career coaches who read a lot of resumes everyday.

There are three ways once can add a resume to the Resunate account. You can enter all the information by hand, upload an existing resume or import from your LinkedIn profile. I uploaded mine from the desktop.

Editing a Resume Create Professional Looking Resumes with Resunate

Editing a Resume

To my dismay, except for my name the app deleted all the other personal and professional information. Never thought my resume was so bad! So I went ahead and entered all my details.

It wasn’t as tedious process as I expected. The fields in the form were very specific, ensuring that you don’t spend too much time on data entry. Select a template that appeals to you and the style would be applied immediately.

A WYSIWYG editor helps you to edit or add details to the resume. You can save many versions of the same resume until you are certain that its perfect. You might have multiple qualifications but all employers won’t be looking for all the skill sets you possess. Use the Focus Resume option to fine tune the resume based on the requirements of the job.

Resume1 Create Professional Looking Resumes with Resunate


I found the basic plan to be good enough to create a stunning resume. However, if you want to focus your resume more than 25 times or access unlimited templates, monthly plans start from $14.95. Its interesting to see that the long term subscription charges are so heavily discounted. Job seekers should give this app a try before spending hundreds of dollars in “professional” resume advice.

This is Resunate from Career Imp on Vimeo.