There are so many expense tracking apps are out there in the App Store, but what really works for Toshl is that it is simple to use and organizes expenses in a streamlined manner.

If you use multiple smartphones running on a variety of platforms, you will really love Toshl. In addition to having a familiar interface across all smartphones, you don’t have to pay to download the apps again. And it syncs back to the cloud, enabling you to keep track of expenses from anywhere.

Photo Apr 13 4 07 59 PM Toshl: A Free and Fun Way to Track Expenses
Expense Report

After a quick sign up and selecting the primary currency, off you go to track the expenses. You can either tap on the screen the good old fashioned way to enter an expense or just shake your phone to bring the expense input screen.

Adding an expense to Toshl is incredibly quick. Just enter the price, tap a tag, tap Save and you’re done. If necessary, you can add a description to the expense in addition to a tag. By default, each expense is considered unique, but the option to make it a recurring expense is available too.

Photo Apr 13 3 41 50 PM Toshl: A Free and Fun Way to Track Expenses
Recurring Expense

Tags play a vital role in putting your spending habits in perspective. Create as many tags as you want to sort and categorize your expenses. You can easily look up exactly how much you have spent on a particular tag at anytime from the tags screen. Microscopic expense management is made possible by the tagging feature.

Another cool feature of Toshl is Budgets. Usually expense tracking apps allow you to have one budget for the entire month. Toshl allows you to have multiple budgets to follow spending habits on each category. Create a budget, assign it to a tag along with a limit and duration to start pinching those pennies.

To unlock a lot of other cool features like advance reports, exporting to PDF or Docs and more, upgrade to Toshl Pro which costs a very reasonable $19.95 a year.