If you’ve ever had to find a freelance graphic artist, you know how difficult it can be. Judging by the quality of work that we see coming out of some sites, it seems like the hiring pool is overflowing with people who simply can’t put out a quality project. Since its inception, Dribbble has been about providing a platform where quality designers — not just the lowest-priced denominator — could showcase their work.

Apparently, that methodology has paid off. As more designers have gathered jobs from Dribbble, the idea of Pro accounts came into the forefront:

We get countless reports via blog, Twitter, email and word of mouth that Dribbblers are getting discovered and hired via the site. We’re making the process even easier. Dribbblers for hire will be able to announce their availability and expertise, be found by location, and have a simple mechanism for being contacted.

What will it include? From the ability to search job listings, to showcasing your work in icons, apps, fonts, prints and more, it will all be included in the Dribbble Pro account. Beyond that, it’s simple great news for those people whose work we’ve seen on Dribbble. We’re constantly impressed by the shots that we see and the freelance marketplace absolutely needed a three-point goal like this.

(Writer’s note: Thanks to Twitter user @Jonnotie for pointing out that the accounts are not yet live.)