Back in June, we detailed a conversation that Tweetie developer Loren Brichter had with Ars Technica about Tweetie 2. While we’ve still been waiting, however impatiently, for the newest version of the now-aging client, it appears that the wait might finally be over.

According to some information that we gathered over at RazorianFly, Tweetie for Mac 2.0 will be coming to you tomorrow, via the Mac App Store. While there aren’t a lot of details available, we do know that it will feature user streams, allow for native retweets and allow “drag and drop” tweets.

But how does it look? From what we’re seeing, it appears to be just as slick as the current version:

Of course, if it does indeed land tomorrow, we’ll be grabbing it quickly and giving you the full review. Make sure to keep an eye on TNW Apps.