Grooveshark launches new HTML 5 interface, still doesn’t work on iPad

Grooveshark launches new HTML 5 interface, still doesn’t work on iPad

Here at TNW we love Grooveshark, it is a wonderful application that we intend on using until someone sues them into the ground. Well, we hope that that doesn’t happen, but hey, lawsuits are a pain.

The company has just released a slick new HTML 5 interface that can replace its older Flash brother, but still has some issues being compatible around the device world. Sure, HTML 5 is cool, but the switch from Flash to HTML 5 is only really neat when you get to use the HTML 5 interface where the Flash version failed, right?

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You know, like on your iPad. The only problem is that this newfangled HTML 5 Grooveshark does not work on your iPad. Or your iPhone. Or your, well, you get the idea. Have some proof, this taken from one of our iPads:

Why doesn’t it work? Because while the interface will (mostly) load using HTML 5, music playback itself still requires Flash. So close, right?

We suggest that you check out the new interface, but just don’t expect to start using Grooveshark in new places. Ever since their iPhone app was pulled, we have been aching to use Grooveshark in new places to no avail. Perhaps the team will eventually get us there.

For now, no dice.

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