Super Prober takes iPad web browsing to a deeper level.

Super Prober takes iPad web browsing to a deeper level.

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Super Prober – Advanced Multi-Function Web Browser is a new web browsing option for the Apple iPad.

Love It: No tab limitation, in app search and highlighting, and much, much more.

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Hate It: Crickets…

Overall: 5/5

The Details:

Super Prober – Advanced Multi-Function Web Browser ($4.99) for the iPad is a new web browser that is extremely feature rich, easy to use and makes web browsing on the iPad a more enjoyable experience than using Safari on the iPad.

The app offers new, innovative browsing functions including; “FastGo Startup,” drawing on multi-tabbed page, auto multi-colored keyword highlights, auto smooth scrolling, taking a snapshot of web pages and more.

Some of the more interesting additional features of Super Prober, not found in Safari, or other iPad browsing options, are:

  • One Touch to open your favorite website with up to 9 customize options.
  • Customizable background wallpaper from your photos album.
  • Automatically display well-designed glass effect logo for most popular websites.
  • Finger drawing on any web page with multi tab switching. Very easy to use: 1 tap for drawing, 3 taps to redraw and 4 taps to exit drawing mode.
  • Save your drawing by using the Snapshot function.
  • Accelerometer: Rotating Left or Right to switch Tabs. Shaking to Close Tab.

One interesting note from the developer states, “Next update coming soon with NEW Innovative Function called “Mystery” :).”  What that entails, I don’t know, but if it is as neat as the remainder of the features contained in Super Prober, I can’t wait to see what future versions of this app contain.

Super Prober – Advanced Multi-Function Web Browser is the best alternative to Safari for web browsing on the iPad I have come across.  If you have an iPad, I highly suggest investigating Super Prober for yourself.  I suspect it will please you as much as it does me.

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