As the saying goes, some things are just made to go together.  While I love Facebook’s photo features, there’s simply not a better service on the Internet than Flickr.  As of today, the two become one as Facebook gets Flickr integration.

According to the Flickr blog, you of course have control over who will see your Flickr images.  When you enable the sharing to Facebook, updates are only sent to your Facebook feed when you upload them to Flickr as public.

So gather up your next bunch of photos, connect Flickr to your Facebook, then push them up to Flickr.  With the Yahoo! Updates platform (which allows you to push content across different sites from one location), Flickr will then flick your public images over to Facebook for all to enjoy.

For those of us who share a lot of pictures with families, but then don’t bother with the hassle of uploading them elsewhere, this is a great answer.