As the Google I/O machine is just firing up, Seesmic and Socialwok announced a partnership with a Socialwok plugin for Seesmic.

Rather than developing a desktop client themselves, and continue to proliferate the too many active browser windows and two many communications apps open problem, the Seesmic integration allows Socialwok to come to market faster and on a consolidated platform. Users can view and interact with their Socialwok network stream alongside Twitter and Facebook. You can post new status updates and access shared content including Google Docs and download files directly to your desktop that were shared via Socialwok.

I expect Socialwok to announce the availability of a public API at Google I/O that I’m sure enabled this integration. With an overwhelming multitude of social networks and feeds it will be interesting to watch how typical users continue to deal with the madness and if they’ll turn more to consolidation applications like Seesmic.

Here’s a video demo and a few screenshots.