Gawker bloggers certainly know how to push Jobs’ buttons.

This time it’s actually the Gawker blog (rather than subsidiary Gizmodo) and its Contributing Editor Ryan Tate – although Tate didn’t disclose himself as a Gawker blogger till later on in the thread.

On Friday night, after watching one of the company’s new ads promoting the iPad  as “revolutionary”, Tate decided to sit down with a cocktail (probably a few) and email Jobs into explaining just how revolutionary a closed platform could be.

A question about “freedom” and a reference to Bob Dylan (famously Jobs is a big fan) turned into a lengthy email thread and much of the same Jobs stubborness with a disappointing ending because well, pulling the “what have you done that’s so great” card is just…cheap.

Besides, Jobs should know better than to get into a discussion with a blogger (not that he knew he was one) late on a Friday night. Wonder what the Apple board would make of this.