If you travel a lot, having a ‘virtual assistant’ keeping you updated with flight changes and helping you arrange ad-hoc meetings and find your way around strange cities is essential.

While you can get all this by using a combination of different apps, WorldMate is a service that rolls up all these features and puts them into one place. Aimed at business travellers, it claims a current userbase of 5 million.

That userbase is set to increase significantly with the announcement that WorldMate is to incorporate its travel assistant services into American Express Business Travel’s Blackberry app.

American Express Business Travel provides bespoke travel solutions for businesses around the world. Today’s move sees WorldMate provide American Express Business Travel clients with:

  • Automatic itinerary synchronization.
  • Pop-up flight alerts accompanied by suggested alternative flights when necessary.
  • Calendar synchronization to add business meetings into the itinerary.
  • Sharing of itineraries with colleagues and business contacts.
  • Itinerary integration with third party mapping and navigation application.
  • Social networking tools allowing travelers to locate and connect with colleagues.
  • One-click access to American Express Business travel counsellors.
  • Itinerary integration with third party mapping and navigation application.

The service is currently being tested in a limited pilot scheme with a full rollout planned later this year.