finger physics doodle jump 250x158 Recent update leaves many without popular iPhone app Finger PhysicsThe Russian and US based PressOk Entertainment recently submitted an update to the Apple app store for their popular iPhone game Finger Physics.

This faulty update made the popular game useless on thousands of iPhones. PressOk has not released any information on this glitch except for a status update on Twitter to let everyone know it was being taken care of.

The error looks to be a problem in the games main UI loader, telling users to promptly press the home button to exit the application or click ignore and continue in the endless loop of the game trying to load.

PressOk now has a lot of unhappy customers within those who recently updated the app and new customers who recently downloaded the app. For those affected by the error, according to PressOk an update to fix the problem is already in Apple’s queue of app store updates and should be out in a few days. In the mean time many will have to be without this addictive game and give their fingers a rest.

Most of the Error is displayed below, if there are any iPhone developers who know the nature of the error please comment!

photo1 Recent update leaves many without popular iPhone app Finger Physics