YouTube’s new video page look is officially live. It has been accessible via a small hack for some time but now it’s public and available to all.

It’s a far cleaner look with much greater focus on the actual content and dare I say it, less advertising? Full details after the jump or read YouTube’s blog post about the change here or check out a sample video page (yes, that’s my dog).

Overall look and functionality
– It’s cleaner, simpler and easier to use.
– Information about a video is now grouped together in one place and there’s a consistent way to get more detail when you need it. This way, unless something’s truly useful to you, it doesn’t clutter up your page.
– Actions bar cleaned; you’ll see a streamlined presentation for sharing, flagging, and embedding controls.


– The right-hand side of the page is devoted to the next video to watch.
– The channel name and subscribe button are now both on top of the video.

– There’s a new playlist interface, with the next video in the list appearing consistently in the top right. You can easily expand that list or skip ahead using a new next button in the player controls.
– Saving to playlists is easier and Favorites the default option.

–  Five-star ratings system replaced with a simpler “likes / dislikes” model and introduced a new “Videos I Liked” list.

– Comments have a new highlights view which summarizes the best discussions and celebrates when creators communicate with their audiences.