Picture 114For many, their desired username is sat abandoned and despite efforts to get hold of it, Twitter has made it near impossible unless you have a valid copyright over the name.

Yesterday however, we brought you news of the impending release of a number of old and unused Twitter usernames. Exactly when they will be released is uncertain but now there’s a way to be notified the moment that name your after becomes available.

TwitterCounter has added a feature that lets you simply enter the name you’re after and an email address, then be notified the moment it becomes available. As simple as that.

Picture 113You’ll find the button underneath the graph and statistics section of the username’s TwitterCounter profile (eg.http://twittercounter.com/YourTwitterUsername) with a simple link that says “claim this username”.

Enter your email and hold your breath! Or don’t.

[Disclosure: TwitterCounter is part of The Next Web Incubator]