Picture 1Lager brand Beck’s is the latest drinks brand to dive into the Apple App Store, releasing a music iPhone application designed to help you find live gigs.

Using Last.fm’s database and Google Maps, the application lets users search for gigs near a particularly location. The app will let its users see where the venues are, email details to friends, watch YouTube videos and find out more information about the bands who are playing.

It’s not the first alcohol brand to launch an iPhone app. Carling’s iPint was a somewhat of a hit and vodka brand Absolut has had some success with its Drinkspiration app.

As you probably would expect, Beck’s isn’t the only gig finder application in the App store, others include iLike’s Local Concerts, and Onseeker Music. Personally I’d love to see my favorite (and oh so gorgeous) gig finder service GigLocator.com get its own iPhone app, but until then, Beck’s simple UI – despite it’s green color scheme – is a worthwhile download.

The application is free and available here. Not sure? Have a watch of the video demo below: