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Xero releases iPad app so you can do your accounting on the go

Xero, the young accounting company that recently took $111 million in investment to take on Intuit in the US, has today announced its first iPad app. The new app allows…


Gmail for iOS updated with lock screen replies and Share Sheet extension

Haiku Deck Presentation Template Gallery

Haiku Deck’s new AI tool can automatically generate your next presentation


Fitbit Acquires FitStar’s Personal Training Platform

Moovit Android Wear Apple Watch

Moovit Reveals Apple Watch and Android Wear Apps

Blue Link Smartwatch

You Can Now Start Your Hyundai Car with Your Smartwatch


Flynx Android Browser App Lines Up Your Links

AdWords Android

Google's Adwords Android App is Now Available Globally


Imgur is Launching an iOS App for on-the-go Browsing