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TNW’s Apps of the Year: Scanbot makes it easy to go paperless

On the rare occasions I come across paper documents these days, like contracts and bills, I make sure to scan them with my phone immediately for easy reference and retrieval. I'm terrible at filing things away physically, so this system works better for me than anything else I've tried. My app of choice for the job? Scanbot.


TNW’s Apps of the Year: ProCamera 8 for iPhone delivers those DSLR skills

7 minute workout

TNW’s Apps of the Year: 7 Minute Workout is all you need to get moving

Path Talk

TNW's Apps of the Year: Path Talk Will Change Your Life


Social TV Service TVtag Pulls the Plug


TNW’s Apps of the Year: Mynd

Korg gadget ipad

TNW’s Apps of the Year: Korg Gadget Music Production


Hungry? 3DAround food photo app, now in public beta, lets you share your favorite meals


Rediscover the Power of the Mixtape with Tapely