Apple just announced even more bands for Apple Watch, and slashed its price to $299

Apple just announced even more bands for Apple Watch, and slashed its price to $299

There’s no new Apple Watch hardware, but there are new accessories. At an event held in Cupertino this morning, Apple announced some new Watch bands along with a few new partnerships.

First, Apple is going to offer its fluoelastomer band in new colors, which will sell for $49 like the rest of the lineup. There will also be new options in leather, if you’re into being stylish.

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We’re also getting an official black milanese loop for use with the Space Grey Apple Watch. Since the Apple Watch launched, fans of the Space Grey version have been clamoring for a darker magnetic band. Knockoffs are easy to come by, but Apple’s $149 option is what everyone’s been looking for.

In a somewhat odd move, Apple is introducing a new woven nylon line of bands for Apple Watch. The bands are a bit of a throwback — nylon watch bands were popular in the 60s, but faded as other materials became vogue — and have lugs attached directly to them (there’s no ‘pass under’ band because it would interfere with Apple Watch’s sensors). They retail for $49, and come in seven different colors.

To help more people get Apple Watch on their wrists, Apple is also cutting the price to $299 — down from $349. The new bands and reduced price Apple Watch are available now on the Apple website.

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