Leaked iPhone 7 case may confirm multiple camera and Bluetooth headphone rumors

Leaked iPhone 7 case may confirm multiple camera and Bluetooth headphone rumors

The iPhone 7 is expected sometime this Fall, but we’re already getting a preview of what components it may have (or not have) via a leaked case from a well-known source.

Sonny Dickson is a guy with plenty of connections down Apple’s supply chain, and is no stranger to those interested in apple hardware. He recently sent a case to Unbox Therapy, which has some curious cutouts (and omissions) that suggest the new iPhone will be quite a bit different than what you may have in your pocket now.

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First, the camera cutout around back is massive, suggesting that rumored two-camera array is accurate. It also sits a bit lower, which could mean those antenna cutouts are also going away.

There’s also no dedicated headphone cutout, and a standard 3.5mm audio jack won’t fit. To that, it seems Apple really is going to ditch the wired headphone and put two speaker grills on the bottom of the iPhone 7.

And here’s another interesting tidbit: an iPhone 6s fits in the case perfectly, so the overall dimensions of the iPhone 7 may not be any different from the iPhone 6.

Interesting, but still not solid. While the source of this case is a well known entity, we still don’t have an iPhone 7. Until Apple actually hands us one, we’ll remain dubious.

Unbox Therapy [YouTube]

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