Apple’s now accepting Swift-coded iOS apps for the App Store

Apple’s now accepting Swift-coded iOS apps for the App Store

Back in June, Apple announced Swift, a new programming language for iOS and OS X, and the reaction in the developer community was generally positive. Now, in the wake of Apple unveiling a slew of new products and services, the Cupertino company has announced that Swift has now reached ‘GM’ (Gold Master).

SWIFTA GM build basically means it’s almost good to go and, as such, Apple is now accepting submissions for Swift-coded iOS apps in the App Store. Though the plan is for Swift to eventually replace Objective-C, the coding vernacular used by Apple for two decades, both languages can co-exist within the same app, meaning developers can upgrade the code incrementally.

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Apple says the GM date for Swift on OS X will arrive closer to Yosemite’s launch later in the fall. That said, you can still code with Swift for Mac apps by downloading the beta of Xcode 6.1.

Swift Has Reached 1.0

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