Apple will be updating its iTunes U catalog of educational materials to make it easier to manage courses directly from an iPad.

Announced today, the update will also allow teachers to create courses on an iPad and add additional content and learning materials, without ever needing to put the tablet down.

On the student side, the update brings students new collaboration features, including an option to kick-off class discussions and ask questions from an iPad. Students will also be able to set up push notifications when new topics are started or they’re tagged in a reply. Naturally, teachers retain the right to remove any off-topic messages or replies.

While the platform has offered educational content and apps for a while, it’s truly going to be at its most useful (to date, at least) once users can create, edit and manage courses on the same device as which they are consumed. Apple said the update will start rolling out from July 8.

➤ Apple Announces Updates to iTunes U [Apple]

Featured Image Credit – Kim White/Getty Images