Apple Reports Quarterly EarningsApple is building out a network that can deliver large amounts of content as it snaps up Internet infrastructure, the Wall Street Journal reports, in an indication that the company could soon move deeper into the TV space.

Rumors of an Apple smart TV have persisted for years, with Tim Cook himself once talking up the television space as an area of “intense interest” in late 2012, but they seem to have quietened down now.

Apple’s iCloud service and increasing sales of music, videos and games from iTunes and the App Store have propelled a growth in its online delivery needs over the past few years, which could be the reasons for Apple quietly building up its network. However, a larger network would also give it more control over the distribution of its online offerings, while laying the groundwork for more traffic — a key factor that TV distribution will bring in — and is thus fuel for speculation about its deeper TV ambitions.

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Apple Quietly Builds New Networks [Wall Street Journal]

Image via Spencer Platt/Getty Images