Apple today expanded its iTunes U Course Manager and iBooks Textbooks to dozens of new markets across Europe, Asia, Latin America and other parts of the world.

iBooks Textbooks, which are education-focused interactive publications for iPad owners, are now supported in 51 countries worldwide – up from just four previously – including Brazil, Italy and Japan.

Similarly, iTunes U Course Manager, which is a free service to help teachers host and publish digital courses through Apple’s iTunes U app, has been bumped up from 31 to 70 countries, including Russia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Apple refrained from disclosing the full list of countries that were added today for each product. However, as 9to5Mac notes, all of the supported markets for iTunes U Course Manager can be found on the iTunes U enrolment page.

Regardless, the total number of markets that iBooks Textbooks and iTunes U Course Manager are now available in highlights how seriously Apple is taking its education-focused software and tools. With such a large international reach, the company will inevitably be able to increase awareness and adoption for both.

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Apple Expands Worldwide Access to Educational Content

Image Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images