Retrial jury awards Apple $290 million in damages in patent case against Samsung

Retrial jury awards Apple $290 million in damages in patent case against Samsung

A federal jury has awarded Apple $290 million in damages from the retrial of its high-profile patent lawsuit against rival Samsung, San Jose Mercury News reports. That number isn’t set just yet, though, as both companies will have a chance to review the decision and argue for adjustments.

Last year, a jury sided with Apple by sticking Samsung with $1.05 billion in damages for patent infringement from its smartphones and tablets. Judge Lucy Koh later reduced the amount by $450 million, while also ordering a new jury to recalculate the figure.

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Thursday’s verdict sides squarely with Apple, though it falls short of restoring the full amount that Judge Koh struck from the original award. According to Mercury News, Apple had argued it deserved $380 million, while Samsung asserted that damages should be less than $52 million.

Apple won back ground in its intellectual property disagreement with Samsung last month when the US Patent and Trademark Office changed its mind and affirmed the so-called “Steve Jobs patent,” which details many of the multitouch elements of the iPhone and iPad. The office had issued a preliminary ruling of invalid for the patent late last year.

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