New icons for the iPhoto and Garageband iOS apps have surfaced in the iCloud Storage Management function under iOS settings, 9to5Mac reports, a move that hints at complete redesigns for both these Apple apps soon. This could happen next week when Apple is holding an event, widely thought to be for the launch of the next-generation iPad and iPad Mini.


Apple released iOS 7 last month, but the designs for its App Store apps — including iPhoto and Garageband — went unchanged. The new iPhoto and Garageband icons look much simpler than the current ones being used, a better fit for the overall look of iOS 7.

As 9to5Mac notes, Apple probably uploaded the new icons earlier and may have overlooked the fact that the icons for iCloud Storage Management are dealt with wirelessly, so they would appear on users’ settings.

➤ Redesigned iPhoto & Garageband iOS icons appear, indicate likely makeovers next week [9to5Mac]

Headline image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, screenshot via 9to5Mac