iFixit upgraded its Revelation Kit transparent back panel for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S last week, adding a white option and making it more durable.

The kit, which currently sells for $29.95, includes the transparent panel, two Phillips screws (to replace Apple’s pentalobe ones), screwdrivers (Philips and pentalobe), and a set of screen protectors. The panel itself can be purchased on its own for $24.95, but if this is the first time cracking open your iPhone, you’ll need a pentalobe screwdriver at home to install it.

iPhone 4 owners will need to choose between either the GSM (AT&T) or CDMA (Verizon) versions.


The panel looks good, but sadly it’s not a perfect fit. It sits just a bit too high, leaving some extra metal showing at the bottom. That won’t be a dealbreaker for most, but it will bother some (you know who you are).

Even though I’m not much of a tinkerer when it comes to my iPhone, installation was easy. Simply use the included screwdriver to take out the two screws on the bottom, slide the back panel out, slip the transparent one in and replace the screws.

I normally keep a case on my phone, so removing it to show off my phone’s guts makes it feel doubly naked. The new Revelation Kit is more durable, so that’s a plus, and I could aways switch to a bumper.

Update: iFixit is offering a $5 coupon code (TNWREVELATION) for up to 500 TNW readers. The code is good for any purchase on iFixit.com.

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