Apple has announced a USB power adapter takeback program (as spotted by 9to5Mac) in the wake of recent reports suggesting that some third-party adapters could cause safety issues.

Starting August 16, Apple users with concerns about their USB power adapters can drop them off at an Apple retail store or an Apple authorized service provider. They can then purchase an Apple USB power adapter for a discounted price of $10 or equivalent in local currency (the usual retail price is $19).

The discounted price for Apple USB power adapters is limited to one adapter for each iPhone, iPad and iPod a user owns and is valid till October 18, 2013.

Apple’s announcement comes soon after back-to-back accidents in China believed to involve counterfeit Apple device chargers, with one of the accidents resulting in a 23-year-old woman’s death from electric shock.

Apple USB Adapter Takeback Program

Image Credit: Spencer Platt via Getty Images