WSJ: Apple and Samsung continue settlement talks, but they’re not close to an agreement

WSJ: Apple and Samsung continue settlement talks, but they’re not close to an agreement

Apple and Samsung continue to have on-going discussions about a possible settlement to their wide-ranging legal disagreement, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

Using a combination of court documents and sources, the outlet pieced together a chain of meetings that the two companies have held, such as face-to-face negotiations in Seoul in December.

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The rivals even reportedly almost reached a settlement in February, but they’ve since drifted apart. The Journal’s sources said that the two aren’t currently close to a settlement. One of the key issues standing between an Apple and Samsung resolution is a disagreement on a fair and reasonable price for Samsung’s standards-committed patents.

Apple and Samsung have long had a messy relationship. Samsung serves as one of Apple’s main component suppliers, but the spilling over of their rivalry in the smartphone and tablet industry into the courtroom has jeopardized the status quo.

Apple won a $1.05 billion judgment last summer, which has since been reduced significantly. The iPhone maker lost a bid for sales bans against Samsung’s products late last year. Apple’s appeal is scheduled to be heard by a panel of judges on August 9th. The company is also working to appeal an iPhone and iPad injunction that Samsung won with the ITC.


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