Today at its WWDC event, Apple announced that its Mac install base has grown to 72 million machines, a figure that has rise 100% in the last five years.

Apple also crowed today that its Mountain Lion operating has sold 28 million copies. That figure gives OS X’s Mountain Lion 35% market share of the Mac ecosystem. Apple took the moment to ding Windows 8, which it pointed out hasn’t reached 5% of the Windows market itself.

The 100% growth of Mac for Apple is a key metric, as during the same period, the larger PC market only grew by 18%. Therefore, Apple grew at more than 5 times the rate of the PC market, over the last five years; that’s an impressive rate of growth inside of a largely mature industry.


Apple followed up the above statistics with the news of a new version of OS X called ‘Mavericks’ that will contain tagging, tabbed search, and improved multi-monitor support. The crowd, already rapt, was exuberant. Apple may be investing heavily in the post-PC space, but that hasn’t stopped the company from keeping its desktop operating system sharp.

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