Daft Punk’s highly anticipated new release Random Access Memory is now streaming live on iTunes. I’ve only been listening for a few minutes and it’s already fantastic. Apple has been live streaming albums from a variety of artist for a couple of years now on big releases.

The streaming offering, which is accessible only from the artist page, not the album page, comes just as a leaked copy of the album (not linking!) hit the Web in the early hours of the morning. The stream is available via iTunes on a computer or iPad and is being offered to everyone, even those who haven’t pre-ordered.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 11.49.48 AM

You can fast-forward and rewind the stream, but it’s presented as a full 1 hour 14 minute track, rather than separate items.

Thanks to Federico Viticci for noticing the stream. Note: if you don’t see the ‘listen for free’ option, click on the artists name at the top to get to the artist overview page.

Obviously, offering a stream of the album on a day when it leaks is one way to perhaps counter illegal downloads and drive traffic to pre-orders instead.

Daft Punk on iTunes