Because there is a subscription required to view the content in the app in the first place, it made little to no sense for the HBO Go iPad and iPhone apps not to support Apple’s AirPlay. Well it appears that HBO finally agrees, as HBO president and COO Eric Kessler announced today (via All Things D) at the D: Dive Into Media conference that it would be ‘enabled as of today’.

Kessler says that the longterm goal for Go is to be on ‘all devices, all platforms’. When queried about whether it would come to the Apple TV directly, Kessler replied that “we will get on Apple TV as we’ve said all along.”

A recent Bloomberg report stated that Apple was in talks with Time Warner about the HBO Go app coming to Apple TV at some point in 2013.

Last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that 2 million Apple TVs were sold during the fourth quarter of last year.  That makes it a faster growth product than either iPhone or iPad, despite being a ‘hobby’.

But don’t hold your breath about the service ever going ‘cable subscription free’ on the iPad. Kessler also said at the conference that the economics of a ‘pay for play’ model simply don’t make sense yet and that it won’t be pursuing a direct sales model until it does.

Image Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images