While announcing strong results for its fiscal Q1 of 2013, Apple has shared that it sold a record-breaking 47.8 million iPhones and 22.9 million iPads.

According to those figures, Apple’s iPhone sales are up 23% in comparison to its fiscal Q1 of 2012, when it reported 37 million iPhone sales. Similarly, Apple’s iPad sales have grown 33% in comparison to its Q1 ’12, up from 15.4 million iPad sales.

Doing a bit of math, and considering that there are 7,776,000 seconds in 90 days, we can calculate that Apple sold approximately 6 iPhones per second and 3 iPads per second.

These figures are undoubtedly impressive, but in terms of revenue, Apple narrowly missed street estimates, bringing in $54.5 billion this quarter. Conversely, the company’s profits of $13.1 billion beat estimates.

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