Venus, the high-tech yacht that Steve Jobs commissioned before his death, has been impounded in an Amsterdam port over a €3 million ($3.96 million) unpaid bill to designer Philippe Starck, Reuters reports.

Originally costing more than €100 million ($132 million) to build, the vessel was completed in October, with both Starck and Jobs’ wife Laurene “determined to have the project completed,” but the designer is said to have only received €6 million of a €9 million commission for his work.

The designer has launched a legal bid to recover the money that he alleges is owed.

As part of the legal action, the yacht was impounded on Wednesday and will stay there while lawyers representing Jobs’ estate consider Starck’s payment. According to Reuters, the boat was built on mutual trust, meaning there “wasn’t a very detailed contract.”

The boat has a unique aluminum exterior which measures up to around 80 meters. It also has seven 27-inch iMacs mounted in the ship’s interior.