Following news that Apple refused to allow POP — a successfully-funded Kickstarter project — to simultaneously use its Lightning connector and 30-pin connector in its portable charging station, Apple has now backtracked, adjusting its guidelines to allow the two to be integrated into one device.

According to CNET, Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr blamed “technical issues that prevented accessories from integrating 30-pin and Lightning connectors.” CNET states that Apple’s technical specifications “have since been updated.”

POP had previously raised a whopping $139,170, but after failed negotiations with Apple, technology lab Junior Edison decided he would return that fund to backers, eating $11,000 of transaction fees in the process. The company says it is “not willing to compromise and build a crappy product, [and so] refunding the money is the only acceptable thing to do.”

Those refunds were planned to be processed mid-January 2013, so there’s a potential that Junior Edison will now be able to backtrack as well, continuing on with its original goal. We have contacted the company and will update this story if they respond.