Apple has sold 100 million iPads, says Apple CEO Tim Cook. The milestone was apparently reached ‘two weeks ago’.

“Apple sold more iPads in the June quarter than any PC maker sold in their entire lineup,” Cook said. He went on to directly mock other tablets that have come to market. This was a not so veiled hit on the Microsoft Surface device, which goes on sale later this week.

As to why people love he iPad, Cook said it was simple: “They love the display. They love the camera for FaceTime. They love that they can connect anywhere they go on Wi-Fi or cellular. They love iPad’s legendary all day battery life. And they love all of the amazing apps optimized for iPad”

In July, Apple said that it had sold 26 million iPhones, up 28% year over year, and 17 million iPads in Q3, up 84% year over year. Apple is set to announce its Q4 fiscal results later this week on October 25th. 17 million iPads were sold in that quarter, bringing the total to 84 million units altogether at that time.

Apple has new iPads on the way, so hit the big, orange link below for the latest. iPad 4, here we come!

Top Image Credit: davidgsteadman