We’re pretty big fans of the Glif tripod adapter from Studio Neat here at TNW. It’s a slick rubberized accessory that slips onto the corner of your iPhone and adds a tripod-ready 1/4 20 threaded port on the bottom.

It’s clever, well-designed and a pleasure to use, just like the iPhone. They even offer a keychain and stabilizer addon in the Glif+ package. Now, both the Glif and Glif+ have been updated for the iPhone 5 and pre-orders are live on Studio Neat’s site.

To get you excited, they’ve provided us with a couple of prototype shots of the new adapter paired with an iPhone 5 (and shot with an iPhone 5, so meta!):

Note that the prototypes are white, but the final product will be the same black rubberized plastic as the original Glif.

The new Glif for iPhone 5 is available now for pre-order. It’s just $20 and its one of the best things any iPhone photographer could buy for themselves. The Glif+, with the Serif keychain adapter and the Ligature support arm included, is $30.

And if you’re interested in getting some insight into how to run a hardware startup, right from Studio Neat’s Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost, then check out their new book It Will Be Exhilarating.