Apple doesn’t stream its events for a variety of reasons, but it does post videos for your viewing pleasure later. Today’s Apple iPhone 5 event is now available: Apple Special Event – September 12, 2012. Note the fine print: “Streaming video requires Safari 4 or 5 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion, Safari on iOS 3 or later, or QuickTime 7 on Windows.”

The video didn’t load for me, as I hate QuickTime and never plan to install it ever again. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to grab the video URL in Chrome (Right-click => Save video as…). Here it is: URL.

From there, you can download the .mov file and open it in your favorite media player. I used VLC, and here was the result:

If the video is too long for you, and that’s completely understandable (it’s two hours!), check out our roundup instead: Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s iPhone 5 event.