Apple has officially announced an upcoming event on September 12th, reports The Loop. The event is likely going to herald the release of Apple’s next iPhone, and maybe a new iPad, though there are rumors of a second event in October.

Notably, the event includes a notice that has a 12 displaying a shadow of a “5”. Whether the number means that it will be called the iPhone 5 or not remains to be seen. This is Apple’s sixth model of iPhone.

The general thought on the naming was that Apple would be calling the next model “the iPhone”, after it called the last model of iPad simply ‘iPad’. The 5 in the shadow seems to indicate otherwise, but nothing is definite at this point and reading into invites to ascertain the details of Apple’s releases in advance is really one step above fortune telling.

There are plenty of rumors about the new iPhone, but no concrete details. It is expected, however, to feature a slightly larger 4″ screen, a thinner chassis, LTE connectivity and a smaller dock connector.

The event will be held in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena center for the arts.