We’ve seen Apple’s recruitment videos for its retail stores in the past, but what looks to be an authentic corporate recruitment video has been found and published by 9to5Mac.

A range of employees,  notably including Joel Podolny, VP of Human Resources and Dean of Apple University, appear on the 4 minute video, which also includes Japanese and Spanish-speaking staff.

Most interestingly is the possibility that the video has exposed a couple of internal secrets.

At 0:57, a wall of mock-up shots contains what could be interpreted as the design for the rumoured smaller iPad/larger iPhone, as below. YouTube comments are also asking what size the iPad shown at 3:05 is – though it looks like a regular sized new iPad to us.

Take a look and see what you can find.

We’re keeping an open and undecided mind on this, for now.

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Thumbnail image via Flickr / Nez